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~🎀~ Welcome ~🎀~

This group is about a custom "My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic" pony specie created by

Open Species Stamp by Port-Metro Open Species Stamp by Port-Metro

The group is open, you can make your own Arciquoa!

Just respect these rules:
-Don't make a Mary-sue! Psy Arciquoas and Royal ones have powers (mostly water-bending ones) but even if they're taller than alicorns they're not invincible beings!
-Don't give your oc too bright/saturated colors, keep them soft to the eyes! Please I don't want my eyes to burn
-You can make your Arciquoa related to someone's if they're okay with that!
-Royal Arciquoas are still not free, sorry, but once we'll be more on this group there will probably be contests to win one or two Royal eggs!
-Don't forget to give your Arciquoa a backstory and a talent! (or not, it's as you wish)
-You can find bases for your Arciquoa's reference here: But if you can't draw and/or you have no idea about what you're creature could look like, I can still do it for you! Tho it will pass after paid commissions and school if I'm too busy

If you make one, please
to show me your Arciquoa so I can see if it fits all these rules

If you have any question or wishes, send a note to the group and it'll be answered as soon as possible.

Everyone can join, so don't be shy and hit that join button~!

Buy Royal Arciquoas Eggs HERE

Arciquoas are a MLP specie between the sea monster and the pony.

Arciquoas are an underwater specie living in the water. They can either live in lakes or oceans, as long as it's deep enough for them to live, and live for a long time. They can walk on land and often pay visits to land ponies and land towns. Due to the fact most of them are taller than alicorns, some ponies are still scared of them, fearing these tall creatures might attack them.

They like to wear a lot of jewels such as necklaces, earrings and such, and they can be any color, except only one of the four races can be rainbow color: the Royal Arciquoas. They are slightly taller and powerful then normal Arciquoas, and the King and Queen are one of them. The capital of the Arciquoas is situated deep into the ocean. It's a colorful underwater town, with in it's center the castle of the King Poseïdon and the Queen Nessia. The capital is the most populated Arciquoan town and the only one where all four races live together. Arciquoas don't use Bit coins like ponies, they trades objects against others of the same value to buy or sell things.

Arciquoas are pacifics creatures who won't attack unless they are in danger.


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I just realized that I completely forgot I had this specie open lmao

Well let's keep it open forever (or at least for a long time)

So yeah you can make your own, just please not something too much saturated or too heavy (keep the amount of bright colors low please, for our eyes and don't give your arciquoa too much accessories)

So yeah you can pick a palette (if you want some go on… they have really cool palettes) and make your own! Don't forget to credit me as the specie's owner on the reference, and don't forget to submit it to the group!

Aye that was all I think?? Yeah
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